Ban Biometric Mass Surveillance!

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The civil society coalition protecting our dignity, our communities and our public space. We demand:


Facial recognition is being used across Europe in secretive and discriminatory ways. What tools are being used? Is there evidence that it’s really needed? What is it motivated by? Authorities and companies, we demand explanations.

Red lines

Some uses of biometrics are just too harmful: unfair treatment based on how we look, no right to express ourselves freely, being treated as a potential criminal suspect. Only a ban on biometric mass surveillance can protect us.

Respect for humans

Biometric mass surveillance is designed to manipulate our behaviour and control what we do. The general public are being used as experimental test subjects. We demand respect for our free will and free choices. Reclaim Your face!

ReclaimYourFace is a movement led by civil society organisations across Europe:

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