The Coalition

Reclaim Your Face is a European campaign led by civil society organisations. As of 31/03/2021, we count 22 civil society organisations from across Europe as our core group of lead organisations. We are further supported by 32 partners representing civil society, unions and other campaigns (as of 31/03/2021). You can find an up-to-date list of all our lead organisations and partners at the bottom of every page of this website (, with links to their respective websites. The requirements / process for becoming a part of our campaign are clearly laid out here.

Only those organisations / groups listed on our website are official leaders or partners of the campaign. Lead organisations have the delegated authority to represent the Reclaim Your Face campaign in their respective region(s).

Who Coordinates Reclaim Your Face?

The Reclaim Your Face campaign is centrally coordinated by staff from EDRi (European Digital Rights), a not-for-profit association of civil and human rights organisations from across Europe. EDRi is registered in Belgium.

This Reclaim Your Face website ( is published and maintained by EDRi staff, on behalf of the Reclaim Your Face campaign. For this reason, we are not legally required to display an Impress.

The Reclaim Your Face newsletter is run by EDRi as per our Reclaim Your Face privacy policy and EDRi’s privacy policy.

Sources of Funding

The Reclaim Your Face campaign relies on a combination of in-kind funds through the time given by EDRi staff; public donations to EDRi during fundraising periods where the money raised is explicitly stated as being for the Reclaim Your Face campaign; relevant grant funding from EDRi; in-kind donations through time spent on the campaign by lead/partner organisations and volunteers; and material donations in the form of activities and resources by lead/partner organisations.

Every two months, we update this website to list all of the money that has been spent on our European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) as per European rules. You can find the latest financial information about our ECI on our Why ECI? page, under ‘Our sources of support and funding’.

For information about where EDRi’s funding comes from, see the official EDRi Funding page.

More information

For any questions that have not been answered by this site, you can contact the campaign co-ordinators at or via EDRi. You can also contact any of the lead or partner organisations through their websites, as listed at the bottom of each page of this site.