The solution

We challenge abuses of power - and abuses of our biometric data - with a solution based on
Transparency, Red Lines and Respect for Humans.

Transparency: Reveal the real reasons behind using facial recognition and other biometric mass surveillance tech.
Red lines: Ban biometric mass surveillance and ensure our rights and freedoms are protected.
Respect for humans: Stop treating people like experiments: manipulated, objectified and commodified.

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I call on European governments and EU leaders to reveal 👁️ and reject 🚫 uses of biometric surveillance which could impact on people’s rights & freedoms in public spaces

The solution

Across Europe, police forces, local authorities and private companies are secretly rolling out invasive, experimental technologies that track, analyse and objectify our faces and our bodies as we move in public spaces. We must stand up for a public space where our rights, our freedoms, and our communities are protected.

Public spaces are where we share experiences and join together. Meeting up with friends to hang out. Taking a walk in the park. Organising a community celebration. Holding political discussions. Protesting injustices.

We would never accept a person following us constantly, monitoring and assessing who we are, what we do, when and where we move. Facial recognition and other biometric technologies used in public spaces act just like that – turning every one of us into a potential suspect.

Research shows that these technologies amplify discrimination and are used to persecute people who are simply exercising their rights. At least 15 European countries – and counting – have experimented with biometric surveillance technologies such as facial recognition in public spaces. In the United States, 5 major cities have now banned the use of facial recognition.

In the EU, the rushed introduction of expensive surveillance technologies that track our faces and bodies is being done without consideration for the harms it could cause to our societies. We need to stand up now and protect the democratic sanctuaries that are our public spaces!

As an individual, the best way that you can support the campaign right now is to sign the petition, and share it with your network. If you give us your permission for further contact, we'll use this to let you know when we launch more actions and activities, so that you can get involved in those too.
If you represent an organisation, there are additional ways that you can support us and get involved. For more information on partnering with the Reclaim Your Face campaign, please email the coordinators at
ReclaimYourFace is a movement led by civil society organisations across Europe:

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